About Us

When people think of real estate, what comes to mind is a middleman. A professional (hopefully) who stands between the seller and the buyer, makes them reach an agreement and takes his commission, right?

Well, at RK Living Palma we don't work like that.

Here we are not intermediaries, here we work only for one of the parties, the seller or the buyer. And we defend their interests even more than ours because our aim is to do such a good job that you will recommend us to everyone.

The aim of our daily work is to be useful in the sale or purchase of a property, making it at the best price, in the optimum time and without problems during the whole process. Because if you want to take photos and publish them on the internet, you do it yourself and save a good commission.

This is the conclusion we have come to since 2011 when we were born and after having done hundreds of hours of training, having read dozens of books, having had many experiences with people... and above all putting professional ethics and our values first.

We defend your interests first of all. We cover all the needs of the sales process for both the seller and the buyer, guiding our business to the people and no to real estate. Based on the needs of our clients, we create personalized plans.

Our basics

Full advice

We cover all the needs of the sale process for both the seller and the buyer, from taxation studies and legal and financial advice, to photographic and professional video reports and reforms.


We guide our business to people, in this case our customers, sellers and buyers, and based on their needs we create personalized plans.

Associated with ABSI

We are part of the Balearic Association of Serveis Inmobiliaris (ABSI), which is the MLS formed by the most powerful real estate companies in Palma. We base our way of working in the multiple process because we are convinced that it is the method that best meets the needs of our clients.

Professionalism and experience

Continuous training is one of our greatest assets when it comes to providing the best service to our clients.