Our objectives

Sell at the highest possible price
Sell at the time that suits you best
Sell without problems

Our way of working


Taxation study

Before starting to sell your house you need to know the exact amount of taxes that you will have to pay both to the Treasury and the City Council.


Professional photo report, distribution plan, video-visit and 360 tour

We use the best tools on the market so that your property reaches the buyer in the most real and visual way. Thanks to this we get to be very efficient and that your property stands out from the others.


Filtering of potential buyers

Anyone interested in one of our homes goes through a research phase, so that when visiting the property, only those who really want and can buy go.

Always informed

The communication between you and us must be continuous and fluid. Every week or every fifteen days, as we agree, we will send you a report with the result of the commercialization and we will meet periodically to analyze the results and take the measures that we believe appropriate.

Legal advice

We have the support of lawyers specializing in real estate issues. Thus we manage to sell in the safest way for all.

Financial and construction

We make available to the buyer both financial professionals and the most competitive construction and reform companies. With this, we achieve that the purchase-sale process is streamlined and guarantees the satisfaction of both you and the buyer.


Publication on our websites and real estate magazine

We will announce your home not only on our website, but also on that of all our associates and on the main real estate portals using positioning techniques.

In addition, we publish our bimonthly magazine that is distributed in the main points of the island.


Other commercial actions

Depending on each property we can use: open house, advertising campaigns in social networks, campaigns in Google Adwords, street marketing campaigns, flyer preparation, mail and billboards, etc.



Thanks to our structure based on collaboration between agencies, you will have 40 real estate agents working 8 hours a day to sell your property.

More information

After-sales service

Once we have sold your home you can continue to count on us (taxes, supplies, etc.)

We help you to fix the price of your property

Price too high
  • No visitors
Price above the market
  • There are visits, but no offers
  • Buyers ask "How long has the house for sale?"
  • As time goes by, the house devalues and ends up selling below the market price
Price adjusted to the market
  • Many visits
  • Very motivated buyers
  • Quick sale and in its price

Problems that an owner who wants to sell on his own can suffer

You can set a price either very high or very low. Today the properties are sold in the first weeks, otherwise they will have many problems to sell later.
Advertise without having the knowledge or experience. Your ad must have the maximum impact and also stand out from the competition.
You will lose a lot of time attending to curious people.
You expose yourself to talk about what you do not know without convincing and giving rise to misunderstandings or suspicions.
You do not know the economic solvency of the interested party.
You can be deceived by expert negotiators.
You do not know in detail the steps of the sale such as notary, registry, finance or possible urban problems. Neither do you know how to elaborate or determine the contracts of arrears, extensions etc. more convenient in each case. We take care of all that.
You do not have the necessary skills to show the potential buyer that your house is the one you are looking for, shortening the times for the sale.
You will carry out the necessary actions or steps to sell your property in a less rapid, less effective and more expensive way than we would do it.