Asociació Balear de Serveis Inmobiliaris

We are part of the "Asociació Balear de Serveis Inmobiliaris" (ABSI), which is the MLS formed by the most powerful real estate companies in Palma. We base our way of working in the multiple process because we are convinced that it is the method that best meets the needs of our clients.

Advantages of the ABSI system for the owner


By being at ABSI we are going to put at your disposal the sales force of the other agencies with which we collaborate.


We will become your only interlocutor, in this way you have greater control over the sale, gaining time and security.


We will be your representative, always defending your interests above all else.


There is only one sale price in the market: entrusting the sale to several real estate agents and with several prices converts the sale into an auction in reverse, ie an auction in which the sale price is imposed on the downside. In addition the ad is burned to the point that it ends up being ignored by the buyers.


You are informed promptly about the sale process of the property, being a participant of it.


The agency will allocate many more resources to the sale of your property decreasing in this way the time necessary to sell it. Each agent works with a maximum of 10-15 properties, offering maximum commitment.

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